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Has anyone had any experience with the Q-Ray bracelet or any other magnet-like pain control device? Normally, this sort of product seems like gimmicky BS, but today I saw Bill Kazmeier endorsing it pretty enthusiastically on TV. Has the Kaz traded in his integrity for money or might this product have some effect on chronic pain?

The science of these products is that a magnetic field shuts the ion gate in the nerve cells which transmit pain signals to the brain. This in turn can reduce inflamation. Most of the magnetic bracelets on the market wouldn’t do anything more than placebo effect. What they supposedly do is set up a magnetic field from the proximity of dissimilar metals. Unfortunately, this magnetic field is too weak to penetrate the flesh to enough of a degree to do any good. I’ve had some experience with theraputic magnets and they do work, but these are magnatudes more powerful than any bracelet. If you want to try something, then I’d suggest finding some one who markets Magna-Bloc or Nikken.

I know a physics professor that said that a magnet would have to be the size of a telephone pole to even slightly affect the body. Just a thought.

Cream, I bought one of these on the sole reason that after 3 months, if I felt nothing I would get my full money back(as my dad did after 2). It is the weirdest shit I have ever tried. I felt like I was doing a detox for about 5 days, ie like death. The smells, and colours i was creating were quite expressive. However, within a week the nagging tendonitis in my tricep had gone(it felt, colder?), and i slept better, my recovery decresed, all the little nagging in juries seemed to go. Even the stress fracture i had on my foot seemed to heal(after 5 months of pain). I wqas a complete non believer, but helping out a friends dad with his new business. It was one of the wierdest things i have experienced to date. Cost me £40, and it still works. Give it a try

I sleep on a Nikken magnet bed pad and it is great. If I am traveling and not sleeping on it, I can really feel the difference. I don’t care if it is a placebo effect or an actual effect, it makes my back feel great.

Nephorm- Your physics professor is a medical doctor too? Dannyboy- Your recovery (time?) decreased? Could you be more specific about how this has changed your recovery rate?

Natt, if you know that there is a certain level of ferrous materials in an object (or organism), and you know the maximum strengths of natural magnets, and you know therefore the strength of the resultant field effect created by said magnets as well as the substance they must pass through to reach the ferrous particles, you can calculate what (if any) change would occur in the system.

This is like voodoo. I don’t honestly understand how a person can go from talking about time under tension, motor units, or insulin sensitivity, and then espouse the value of magnets, without a single solitary study to back it up. If there is some conclusive evidence I’m unaware of, please forgive me my ignorance.
What’s even funnier is that electrical power lines have been blamed for years for causing cancer due to their electro-magnetic properties. Now “wholistic” [sic] practitioners are encouraging the use of natural magnets. Whatever.
Certainly, I’m not a physicist nor a medical doctor. I do, however, have friends in both camps, and am reasonably confident that my Electrical Engineering education (which contained a large amount of physics) gives me some room to voice an opinion.

Nephorm- I don’t want to ever discourage anyone from voicing an opinion. What bothers me is when someone with a higher level of education (like your professor in this case) tries to pass something off as fact while being grossly ignorant. Not to get into any dick waving here but my degree is in Molecular Biology. I’ve seen thousands of articles on Medline (the world’s premiere database of medical studies) where MFs were used. A few hundred of these were using very weak MFs. One of the first abstracts I pulled up was using 2mT MF to successfully combat cancer in mice. I took a quick look and found magnets advertised up to a 100 times stronger than this. I’m not saying these gimmicky magnets work but I personally want to look into it. Also, I have yet to get one of these articles but I can guarantee that nobody knows the mechanisms of how these MFs are affecting the cells.

Thanks for the feedback, guys. I’m still pretty skeptical, but with the money-back guarantee I just might give it a shot.

It’s all crap. Try to find one reference regarding this magnetic voodoo stuff in a refereed scientific journal. Good luck. Snake oil spelled from the supplier’s side is S-U-C-K-E-R.

Funny how the only evidence for products like this is always anecdotal. “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.
-W. Churchill”

Nat; for me basically it results to be sore for less, I work real long hours and somtimes have found restful sleep a problem. It, for some reason helped me sleep and my soreness was reduced, as well as not having any injury, or even a cold for nearly 16months. I am not bullshitting, I have no idea whay i havent even been ill, not even a cold but it does freak you out. When i stopped wearing it i felt like death. Recovery wise seemd to shave at least a day off, as well as feeling more rested after a nights sleep.
Nephorm: I agree with your sentiments, however i will generally try anything once, alot of the supps we use can be proved or disproved by various studies, and I have found things that are supposed to do such and such dont, and vica versa. I understand you have access to alot of info, my limited magnetism days go back a couple of years to my A-level in Physics, and I posed the same question then, again, no real study. The braclet I bought had a full money back guarantee, and my tricep was shot away, and i was a complete and utter sceptic. I couldnt see, or prove through my own research how or if it works but, as they say; ‘what the fuck.’ I gave it a whirl fully intending to hget my money back and it did seem to work. If anyone has any more info, would be interested to hear from you.

BigBoy- Apparently you have no idea how to conduct a Lit. Search. Natt