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Q on Superman sets and correct split

Hi CT,
I would like to increase my strength, power, strength-endurance and power endurance, after reading your superman sets article I decided to give them a try, I done this routine only for a week but I would like to know what you think and I have a couple of questions regarding the rigth way of doing the superman sets.
Powerclean and push press, squat, snatch dedlift
3x3 starting at 85% and adding 5-10 pounds each week

superman sets
squat, romanian deadlifts, military press,barbel row
1 minute sets with 2 minute recovery, 20% of 1RM, 2 sets of each

Military Press, Chins,Squats ,Romanian Deadlifts
10 sets of 3(80%) with 60 sec rest, lowering rest time 10 second each week

Thursday same as tuesday
Friday same as monday

1)I did the superman sets, the first time, as fast as I can in one minute, I did ten non stop, until the burning sensation was too much, took 2-3 breaths and more reps till the burning sensation(5 more reps) and like that till I finish the set(total of 23-22reps), the second workout I did set of 5, first five took 2-3 breaths and continue(total of 26 reps), now wich is the correct way of doing it and also my goal should be to complete 60 reps(up and down) in a minute?

  1. does doing the supermans sets substitute energy system workouts for conditioning or should I add sprints or HIIT to this routines in the morning?

3)is this the rigth split for reaching my goals or a pendulum aproach will suit me better?

Thank you for your time and help and sorry for the long post.