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Q For The Coaches: Post Weight Training Cardio & Fat Loss


What do you guys think about cardio after weight training in the same day?For example weight training for one hour then cardio for 20-60 minutes then directly doing cardio.I would think that the calories burned during the cardio session would not be worth the catabolic state your body is in and the possible muscle wasting thus reducing metabolic rate?


I'm not a fan; I'd prefer that they be separate sessions altogether (although if the weight-training component in of shorter duration, it's not as problematic).


I agree with EC ... it's always best to perform both on separate session if your daily schedule allows it. If you absolutely must perform both at the same time, keep your total training time (weights + cardio) to 90 minutes or less.

Ingesting a small portion of surge (something like 1/2 a serving) between your weight session and cardio will be useful if you are trying to gain as much size as possible.

Otherwise, you'll be okay with a regular post-workout solution IF your keep your total workout time under 90 minutes.


That is what I was thinking.I work at a gym and always tell my clients to leave after the workout but they do not always listen.Even those who want to lose weight as their primary goal I don't think that cardio after an hour of weight training is the way to go.Agree?


Truthfully, when dealing with sedentary beginners, any activity is good activity. Wait until they're more advanced before unloading this stuff on them.