Q for Moderators: Can I Recruit for my Dissertation?

Hello Moderators,

I am a PhD student in clinical psychology and I am doing a study on mental toughness in strength sport athletes (weightlifting, crossfit, strongman, powerlifting etc.). Would it be possible to make a post recruiting for my study? In addition to helping contribute to the scientific literature, to promoting more awareness of strength sports, and assisting in the completion of my doctoral dissertation, each participant will be given the option of being entered into a drawing to win one of three $20 gift cards.

About a week ago, I made a post in the Powerful Women forum and it was taken down. The moderator might have thought it was in the wrong section. Or the moderator might have thought it was spam from a robot. I posted it in that section because there seems to be fewer female strength sport athletes than there are males. So, I was hoping to specifically attract female participants. However, if there is a more appropriate section, I will gladly post it there!

Please let me know if I can make a post! It would greatly help me complete my dissertation!

Thank you!

Jason von Stietz, M.A.

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While we sometimes don’t take issue with members posting the occasional survey to help with their classes or whatnot, it’s more of a “courtesy” we allow to existing, active members.

You showed up a few years ago, posted a similar survey to help with your Masters, then disappeared. No thanks, no follow-up, no anything. Then you pop up again the other day for help with your PhD, recently bumped a thread from 2005 for no particular reason, and will likely leave again whether you get your info or not.

Sorry, good luck with your research, but the forum isn’t a bowl of guinea pigs. (I don’t know if “bowl of guinea pigs” is a thing, but it should be.) Want to participate in regular discussions like a non-trolling, non-spamming human being who shares knowledge when it’s helpful and doesn’t just serve your own interest? Cool. Want to use the place only to further your own agenda whether that’s educationally, professionally, or personally? Not cool.