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Q for Mag-10 users

Hi, I just started doing the Mag-10 cycle today for the first time. I had 6 caps twice, one hour before workouts. What is the best time to have it from tomorrow, ie is it morning or evening? I hope someone reads this tonight, coz i need an answer by tomorrow. Also, im tired of eating so much food today!

Shouldnt you ask such questions before you start a cycle?

Timing doesn’t matter…


I should have, but I didnt, and thats why im resorting to the forum

Most of the posts i’ve seen, including those from T-Mag contributors state that time of day is not really a factor. You should probably choose the time that will make it easier to be consistent.

Some possibilities:

Some people have difficulty sleeping when taking Mag 10. If this is the case then taking it in the morning will allow the levels to drop a little by the time you go to sleep and (hopefully) make sleeping issues less likely.

Another option listed on some of the older Mag 10 labels is to take 3 caps in the AM and 3 in the PM.

Keep eating and good luck!

I always took mine first thing in the AM.

Like was stated earlier, just an easy way for me to stay consistant, and I usually do my w/o’s in the AM.

Hope that helps, and you get some inpressive gains. Eat big train hard and grow. Above all though be safe.


Like Phill, I took mine in the morning, which happens to be shortly before the time I work out. Timing (as in time of day) doesn’t matter, as Bob423 said. But timing (as in how far apart are the doses) DOES matter.

If you take 1 dose per day, take it at the same time of day. If you take 2 doses/day, I’d say take them 10-12 hours apart. The point is to keep a concentration of pro-hormones in your system at all times.

It doesn’t actually boost your energy immediately, like Power drive, so making sure you take it just before a workout accrues no particular benefit. It’s not like Surge, either, in that having it in your system immediately after your workout is optimal. Slow and steady wins the race; keep your system “pumped” with Mag-10 throughout the day.

If I am off-base, PLEASE someone jump in and correct me.


Nah, T, you’re not wrong. Just be consistent with your dosages like everybody is saying. Eat every 2-4 hours… it doesn’t have to be a five-course meal, but make sure it’s clean food and not pizza and ice cream. Stick with it, lift heavy, eat your ass off, and you will not be disappointed. Oh yeah, and get serious about PWO nutrition, if you aren’t already. It made a world of difference for me.

Thanks for all the information guys, im a bit confused now about the fact that some say you can have 6 caps split twice into the day, and the other opinion is to have it all together, so what is the right thing to do?

i tended to take them all at once during the morning, but i don’t think it really matters that much

3 caps in the AM and 3 in the PM? The bottle states 6 caps AM and 6 caps PM. On my cycle I took 4 caps AM and 4 caps 8 hours later.

In about two weeks and following a very high protein and medium carb. diet, I put on a good five lbs. of muscle. My carb intake came in the AM at breakfast and after the gym.

That was my Mag-10 plan. Great stuff. To bad BIOTEST doesn’t sell it anymore.

I’d say take 6 caps all at once. There’s probably a threshold below which it isn’t as useful. That is, without the “punch” of 6 capsules’ worth at once, your body may not get the boost it is supposed to get for the supplement to be effective.

That having been said, it’s a shame that Mag-10 isn’t available for experimentation with alternate dosing. On the site, we were just starting to hear about alternate plans, like 12 caps 2x/week, which stretches out the bottle, gives you a BIG “punch” 2x/week, helps muscle gains, and supposedly wouldn’t cause as much t-suppression as taking it daily.

mightyb28’s 4+4/day sounds interesting as well. 1 bottle would only be 8.5 days, but a 2-bottle cycle would give you a little over 2 weeks of greater-than-standard dosage.

Oh well.

The 3 + 3 dosing plan came from the “MAG 10 plan for success” paper insert that came with the small bottle of capsules. The exact recommendations were “three to six capsules in the morning and three to six capsules 8-12 hours later”. The bottle itself, however, did say 6 caps once or twice per day, which is still on the label of the big bottles.

I chose the 3+3 dosing (after the 1 day front-load of 6+6) because I work out at night and didn’t want the levels to be at their lowest during and after the workout. If I worked out in the morning I might have taken all 6 capsules then, which might have helped me sleep a little better (I had a little difficulty falling asleep during the first week).

My results were positive, but I doubt they would have been noticeably different if I had taken all 6 caps in the morning. What might affect results negatively is missing doses, which is why you should choose the time that allows you to be the most consistent. If you’ve taken care of dosing, diet, and exercise, you’ve probably covered 95% of your results. Playing around with dosing times might be worth the other 5%, but that’s just speculation on my part.