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Q for John Berardi

John, I understand that you are a Masters candidate under Peter Lemon in London. Im wondering when you finish and if you are going on to do your doctorate and in what specifically. I was talking to an old prof of mine back at McMaster.

Actually, Im a doctoral candidate with Dr Lemon. I did my masters work with Tim Ziegenfuss at Eastern Michigan University. While there, I didnt finish becuase Tim left the univeristy prior to my finishing. So I transfered to UWO in London. When I got here, I was “fast-tracked” into the PhD program. Basically, I was considered “master’s competent” and allowed to just skip the formalities in order to go ahead and “get my PhD on”. So Im done with course work (although I still take 1 or 2 per semester just to keep sharp) and am collecting dissertation data. My dissertation is a series of studies looking at skeletal muscle atp levels and turnover using 31P MRS. I am looking at a resistance training model. In addition, I plan to investigate several compounds that can alter cellular energy charge and ATP levels and turnover. My project is so cool because it’s non invasive and will determine how long it takes atp to recover from serious training and what manipulations we can use to improve atp balance and recovery.

John, just wondering - what are the demographics of your study population? It sounds really interesting.

Im using untrained males in the beginning so I can measure ATP levels and turnover and recovery in the untrained. Then Im gonna train them for 6 weeks to determine the effects of training on ATP levels and turnover and recovery. Then Im gonna repeat the training protocol using a variety of supplements.