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Q for Drax & other rowers

I am thinking of trying out for my school’s rowing team. I have never rowed before, but the poster I saw said that novice were welcome. What should I expect in the tryouts? Is there anything I could do to prepare for them, I mean I am physically fit, but is there something I should pay attention to?
Any advice is welcome. Thanks!!!

one of my friends started out rowing crew w/o any experience, i think a lot of schools have novice teams. The first month, they were running 6 miles 2x a week, lifting twice, and learning mechanics. Then you actually get in a boat. I would try any lactic acid program, like Meltdown I, just to get a solid base of conditioning.

When you see rowing on tv or from a distance it looks real graceful & easy, but once you get into a boat you’ll see it isn’t half as easy as it looks. I guess it’s like anything else, you won’t be really good when you first start out. At tryouts it’s always better to not try to pull harder than anyone else, but to listen to the coaches & at least think about technique & attempt to make changes when they say so, that’s how you’ll get picked. If you go out without knowing (or caring) about what you’re doing & try to pull the boat around by yourself you won’t last. If you want to get good on the erg (the torture machine), the best/only way to get good on it is to do it all the time. Circuits & weight training might help a tiny bit but like Ian King & Tudor Bompa say, if you want to get good at something, do it, not something else. On the erg, just to start out, try a few 5 minute pieces for a few sessions maybe after your other stuff if you’ve never done it before, just to get the feel for it & to get used to pacing because sooooo many people fly & die (hit a wall, bonk, etc). Gradually work up to 10-20 minute pieces over time.

Ok thanks, I will go today and let you guys know.