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Q for Chris Shugart on the Anabolic Diet

Hey Chris, got 2 questions for you about your experience with the Anabolic Diet:

  1. You mentioned during the mass phase that you gain until you reach your desired goal +15%, OR, until you reach 10% BF. If I’m over 10% (around 15%,I know, you called me chubby, but I’m a powerlifter!) should I hit the cutting phase before the mass phase like you tried, until I drop below 10%? If that’s that case, should I also start with the cutting phase, or go with the start up/maintenance phase for about 4 weeks?

  2. During the mass phase you said that you couldn’t make your daily caloric goal. Even so, were you able to make any gains in the gym?

Thanks for the info, we all appreciate the honesty of T-Mag.

First off, Rocco, I’m not convinced the Anabolic Diet is the best diet for an athlete and you said you were a powerlifter. I’d go with the “Get Big” diet posted at T-mag instead. It really depends on your goals. The AD was originally designed for “natural” bodybuilders to help them bulk without getting too fat. Then the cutting phase allowed them to lose fat without losing too much muscle. Just keep all that in mind.

I recently tried the bulking phase of the AD again, this time armed with higher calorie foods, flax oils, etc. (I couldn’t eat enough the first try.) Again, I failed. I about threw up eating all that fatty food when I wasn’t even hungry to begin with. The AD really kills my appetite. Like the first time, my weight stayed the same because I couldn’t eat enough (at least, I couldn’t eat enough of that type of food. Too bad the “Pizza Diet” doesn’t work as well, as I have no problem eating enough of that.) I switched to a modification of the “Get Big” diet and am doing much better. For bulking up, I now recommend Tom’s diet over the bulking phase of the AD.

That being said, the AD and my modified version, the T-Dawg Diet, are great for cutting up. I’d always start with the maintenance phase of the AD if you’ve never used it before.

Once low carb Grow! is out all of these diets (T-Dawg, AD, Atkins, Fat Fast etc…) will be a breeze.

Thanks again for the info. I’ve read Tom’s diet, and I really like his as well. The reason I wanted to start with the AD first was to try to drop some fat, which is my main goal right now, up until about Nov-Dec. However, I’ve done the CKD before, and had the same problem eating enough. I’ll have to think about it…I’ll be waiting for the new Grow! Thanks,