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Q for Chad Waterbury reg ABBH

First off, Chad, awesome program.

I know you have been outspoken about training to failure, and I don’t want to be redundant and get into the specifics considering the monster thread on it that you and Joel Marion have been contributing to the last few days, so I’ll be brief.

What do you do when you’re coming toward the end of the workout and you can complete the target number of reps in a set with proper form. (since you don’t advocate training to failure, I assume you don’t recommend forcing out the last rep with bad form and blast the muscle to death)

Do you just do fewer reps for those last couple sets, or do you lower the weight and complete the target # of reps.

I have read data supporting both strategies, and would like your take on it concerning your program.


I almost always adjust the load to meet the required reps - then increase it the next workout. Hope this helps!

Perfect. Thanks dude.