Q for Bill Roberts and others

I have been on for about 12 months straight and need to know whats the best way to get my natural levels up as quickly as possible when I come off. I have clomid and hcg. What I did was a 10 wk cycle combining dbol and test followed by deca for 7 months at 200 mgs untill another 10 wk cycle similar to the first 10 wk cycle. Any help would be greatly appreciated as Im getting married soon and still want to be able to have kids! Thanks in advance.

Try going on and Anabolic/Metabolic Diet. It elevates your endogenous hormone production somewhat and with the ketones in your system, it should help prevent muscle loss. I gained quite a bit of weight by eating just 4-5lbs of ground beef a day and nothing else! Equates to about 300-350g of protein and fat each. I ate about a pound per meal, cooked it like chopped steak, and added a small amount of carbless/low-carb steak sauce. Gained about 20lbs in three weeks and kept all but 5lbs. Its horrible for endurance but works wonders for strength. Great for coming off the fat fast diet. Search the t-mag website for more info. I beleive Chris Shugart can help if you can’t find info elsewhere. Also DON’T FORGET THE METAMUCIL!