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Q for Bill Roberts and others. . . after cycle help

I just ordered some tribex and I also have Clomid. What would be the best way to take both to recover Test levels? I was thinking of taking clomid for 2 wks at 100 mg for wk1 and 50 mg. for wk2. Then start Tribex at 6 caps/2 times a day for 3 wks. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks-Austin

The 100 mg dose is higher than needed… the only reason it makes sense and is used medically is because they do not use a loading dose (doctors usually don’t with long half-life drugs except in acute emergencies) and so if only the needed dose, 50 mg/day, is used, it takes a long time for levels to build up to where they need to be. If Clomid is loaded at 300 mg the first day (50 mg six times) and then levels are maintained with 50 mg/day, this is a better plan.

Using Clomid first then Tribex makes sense.