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Q- Decreasing health risks from synthol

Ok boys, I’ve got an unusual but serious question to ask. About six months ago I injected synthol into my bis a few times, and then after realizing the harm it could do, I stopped and won’t ever touch it again. (I don’t advise anyone else to use synthol. It’s a very painful and dangerous process, and has great potential to DECREASE strength and leave you vulnerable to injuries in the long term). Luckily, so far it seems that none of it ever reached my bloodstream, and I haven’t ended up like Milos or the creator of synthol himself. I was wondering if there was anything I could do to to decrease my chances of heart attacks, strokes, or the like, in case any of the oil makes it’s way to where it’s not supposed to be. So far I’ve been told:

1.Dink lots of water to help flush it out of the system.

2.Eat citrus fruits to break down arteriol cholesterol.

3.Take aspirin to thin the blood.

Do these suggestions make sense to you guys (BILL, BROCK, BRIAN)? Do you have any other suggestions for people who were unwise/uninformed in this regard and want to undo any harm they may have caused to themselves?

To everyone who is thinking of trying fake-ahol:
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Learn from other people’s mistakes!


Have your biceps surgically removed.