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Q about recovery

I recently started training my quads and hams on diff days. They still get pretty sore but I recover much quicker. I train quads on Mon and they recover by Wed, then train hams on Thur so my legs are pretty much sore throughout out the week. I want to gain size and strength but would love to hit the mt bike in this weather. Q: How much will hitting the mt bike for some fun and relaxation interfere with my gains? I’m not talking about a Sunday drive on the bike neither am I talking about going all out. I’m am taking Tribex and Androsol. I know in order to maximize my gains I should not do any intense cardio but I would love to be riding at least twice a week.


Bump again. I MTB bike hard twice a week too. I’m curious what others think. Here’s what I’ve been thinking. Hockey players and other athletes get some mad cardio in all week long. Most of the lift too, and still manage to be huge an ripped. So, even though I bike twice a week, I don’t see why I can’t see some good gains and enjoy my rides. P.S. I’m taking the winter off, cause it’s cold up here in Maine! But, I’ll be back to riding this spring.

who cares? even if it does interfere with your gains a little as long as you’re having fun. Chances are you’re never going to be a bodybuilding champion anyways so quit obsessing over it and HAVE FUN, bodybuilding should not get in the way of life it should add quality to it. Just my two cents.