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Q&A with Abadjiev


Not sure if you guys are familiar with this channel but Abadjiev discusses a few topics from questions received on youtube videos or email.


Cheers man, some of the vids on that channel are epic. Hysyen (sp) is so goddamn quick. Hope he does well at the euro's!


He is. Ive been working with Abadjiev and talking to Hysen on increasing my speed. I made a really good snatch that Uncle approved of and I asked if it was as fast as Hysen. He said 'yes, when Hysen was 9 years old.' :-/ Then I got a serious answer that I was about 70% of his speed. Goal is 90% :slightly_smiling:


Great posts mate, thanks a bunch!


Thanks for these, interesting stuff. That's one of the many places I'd like to take a training vacation to if I had any money/time.


That's still 69% quicker than most. You're in a heavier weight category though right. I'd love his speed, what sort of stuff have they had you doing? What weight was the really good snatch?


Im 85kg and he lifts more than me so the extra weight isnt helping :stuck_out_tongue: The weight was 120kg but he went on to do 150 that day. Im working on using my lats better and constantly pull through the entire lift, especially after hitting the bar. Its not 'new' to me in that I know I should do it, but it feels new due to the amount they have me doing it. Ive been ripping the bar in through the bar and not stopping after extension (as I watch Hysen do it). Also working on using my legs better to get the bar higher. Again, I know this, but the degree to what he wants me to do it is much more than Ive done in the past.


That's the most difficult part IMO. I know I have to pull myself down, just too many thing to think about! I really hope hysen smashes it at the euros. I'm in the US while there on so I'm gonna have to find somewhere with it on/hope my hotel has eurosport. Best of luck increasing speed,man.


Yeah, I'm definitely rooting for Hysen. He's fast as hell and seems like a very sweet guy judging from the PGW videos. Hope he gets that American girlfriend someday, too.

Gq - do you keep a log anywhere? I'd definitely be interested to hear more details about your training.


Yeah hes very humble.

No I dont keep a log. Ive posted in the OL log thread once in a while but not very much. I can answer questions about my training.


How long have you been training w/Abadjiev?

What were your best lifts before going to him?

Have you competed recently? What are your best lifts now?


Gq can't lift as much as me :stuck_out_tongue: lol but I can maybe PS as much as him on a good day :stuck_out_tongue:


PS Gq is one of a few people that has witnessed me do some SHOCKING Power Sn attempts LOL