Q&A-Rip it Apart Fellows

This is a Q&A I got off of a newsletter that was emailed to me. Some educated expert answers reader questions. Take a look at these two and tell me what you think:

My legs won?t Grow! I have been training in the 6-8 rep range and my leg workout looks like this:

Squats 4 Sets( 1st 135x12) (2nd 225x10) (3rd 315x8) (4th 405x4)

                                      Leg Press (3 sets of 8)
                                  Hack Squats (3 sets of 6-8)
                                   Leg Extensions (3 Sets of 12)

I have done other things and they just won?t grow. Please help!

ANSWER: I like high reps for legs especially if you are not genetically gifted to have thick legs. By saying high reps, I mean 20-30 reps with as heavy weight as possible. You should also stretch the hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps and calves in order for them to grow?this is very important. I have a lot of my clients perform stationary lunges. This is a very effective exercise for the entire lower body. Last but not least, performing cardio on a bike may help with leg growth.

QUESTION: I want deep, defined abs. Should I add heavy resistance to my ab exercises?

ANSWER: I would not use heavy resistance on abs. You want your abs to be more conditioned rather than large and bulky. High reps are a must for abs in my opinion. You can also try sprints, 10-15 reps, 30-40 yards, 2-3 days per week."

Well… have fun with this. I’d love to hear some reaction from some of our T-Nation writers.

I definitely don’t agree with what is said:

1.) Squat deep. Vary the rep ranges, set ranges, and rest interval. Include deadlifts: both sumo and conventional. Too many people think of the leg as only the quadricep. Hamstrings and adductors contribute to overall leg girth.

2.) The point of lifting weights is to gain muscle mass. If that is not your goal, do not lift weights. Having bulkier abs would make them more likely to appear. Having nice looking abs requires having muscle mass + not having abdominal fat.



He acts like doing high reps for legs always works continually, like forever. You may have to change the rep range every now and then, but to always do high reps is stupid.

What’s wrong with hypertrophied ab muscles. I think they make you look strong.

When someone is having trouble growing diet is often the culprit.

Ignoring diet in the response seems silly.