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Q & A, PW Style


Should your girlfriend lift?

Do you wear underwear?

How do I talk her into lifting?


it all goes here, we'll all help and answer.

I'm guessing 30% help, 70% nonsense with the answers.

This is our compound, and we don't like clutter.

Mods, a lil help?




Sticky and bacony?

EDIT: Been Dying to use this pic. It gives me ladywood.


Oh fawk you. I'm not supposed to be eating stuff like this anymore.


And now I want a table full of sticky breakfast foods.




HA good job keeping away cluter you two!

My girlfriend is wanting to build her glutes some, she doesn't lift but is willing to try whatever, the problem is she has serious shoulder issues that mean Deadlift, squat and most upper body work is out!

She was asking me how to impove her glutes while working around this pretty big limitation, all I could think of was 'hill sprint' as we have no access to a GHR and I've never had much sucsess with hip thrusts.

So any of you lovely ladies suggestions would be great.


whats the shoulder issues?

i'd say hip thrusts btwn benches, goblet squats, lunges, kick backs, kb swings, pull throughs...


READ DIS! cbear - maybe this thread should also include- "how i got my perfect PW ass"





hip thrusts made my booty nice! Heavy KBS, heavy pull throughs, high step ups with DBs...

But really, the hip thrusts are the booty maker.


I don't know how to multi quote so I'm going to have to address you one by one:

Cbear: the shoulder issue is pretty complicated, I suppose the answer would be muscle wastage In the rhomboid, tres minor and major lower traps, rotars, and upper lats. But really the muscle for the most part was never there, it has had the docs baffled since day one and for a while they thought she had muscular dystrophy and told her she'd be in a wheel chair in less than a year!
Thankfully it wasn't but they have just said 'we don't have a clue' in the end, her mother has a theory it is because she fell while pregnant.
Dislocating her shoulders is very common, obviously heavy stuff does it but things like reaching out for stuff or even tying her hair up cause a lot of pain and can throw them out.
As you can see she is limited in what she can do, some nights I have to put her hair up for her because they're hurting so bad, so KB work is out too.

TPD: that is acctually a great thread and the activation routine looks great, I may even be borrowing that for myself too (although some of the idioms are a bit off- I never get head like that :p)

Dasher: like I said here ^^^^ pull throughs and KB are out but I'll be recommending hip thrusts dispute my prior doubts, maybe I just have terrible motor units in my ass, prehaps I should be using the program from TPDs thread!

ALL: well i realised that given the lack of much strength training (we're pretty much limited to BW or vest lunges, leg press and sprints etc) she can't really expect much localised growth from this but she's asked me to help and I intend to do the best I can.

I'm also buying her bands and I was going to get her doing very light rows to see If the depleared areas could develop some at all, as every slight increase will help relieve the issue.


This got me when I first started posting here, too. I didn't realize that the PW compound was mostly a bunch of logs. I'm not quite sure why PW and Over 35 isn't in the log section of the site since that is fairly much what they have become, anyway.

I guess it is okay for people to ask general questions and stuff?

Or would that be better suited to the beginners forum?

Don't know...

I do wonder about the 'Other Log' section, too. If it would be easier for people to follow along if it were subdivided somewhat. Maybe into those primarily training for bodybuilding, powerlifting, sports, or something. But still, since I don't have a log there it isn't much of my business...


PW is what we make it.

It's become a lot of logs, sure.

To streamline some of the other threads, I thought it'd be a good idea to keep the questions that people seem to find more "Powerful Women" based than "beginners" or "over 35" or what the hell ever in one thread so it's easier to get to.

this isn't a slam thread.


I'd assumed that this thread has been made with that in mind, and it was open to questions to be answered by PW.

Like a place us useless men could ask about women folk.

Regardless I got some great advise.


i have a question, too.


how much you ladies use and what do you think it does for ya?

i've been thinking about starting taking it because i've heard vaguely that it helps with performance. think a few women here are on it. would love to hear...


I personally find that nachos, whiskey, ice cream and industrial metal to be performance stimulating.

But I haven't really tried anything else.


Back in the day when older members were still posting( Sic, Firebug, JillyBop) to name a few..they put up a fight to get this PW started.
It was intended to be separate from what was Muscle Sorority, where the majority of people posted there training and other miscellaneous question threads. But it was more about Figure and general lifting and help with nutrition If I'm remembering correctly.


I've read positive stuff in regards to Women amd creatine usage but I've yet to jump on the wagon.

I haven't done enough research.
I don't like taking things that make me feel I HAVE to have it every time I lift. My caffiene addiction is bad enough :slight_smile:
Could I afford it monthly??
Do I train hard enough that I need it? I am not a high powered athlete with grueling training 2-3x a day.


Agreed. Insert pizza and wine for nachos and whiskey and this statement is perfect IMO.

I used creatine monohydrate many years ago (I can remember the doses)and felt as though it increased my ability to eek out that one last rep. The one thing that I didn't like is that it caused me to retain a ton of water. Since I didn't want to look like a bloated marine mammal, I tried a different form, creatine trimalate which was supposed to eliminate the water retention so common with the other. I did bloat less, but I also didn't find it to be as effective as the monohydrate.