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Q: 6 Days to Shredded


I've used this 6-day carb/water manipulation protocol a few times and have had great success.

Can anyone tell me, should I avoid tea and coffee (as dieuretics) entirely, or are they supplemental to aldosterone? Or are they better toward day 4-5?

Also, olive oil gets old as a fat source... would blue cheese be effective (8/1/8), even though it's technically dairy?


How about macadamia or avocado oil, similar profile to olive in terms of fats. Also coconut oil, mostly medium chain saturated fat so it will likely be used for fuel.


I followed this advice at the end of last year and drank a lot of coffee and tea with no problems. Don't know about the fats, I wasn't eating much fat.


I followed that plan. It worked great. To answer your first question, if you are used to a certain amount of caffeine/coffee, then most likely your aldosterone levels "balance out" so to speak, meaning that you are probably okay with a bit of coffee/tea here/there. Secondly, caffeine is a diuretic as you may know, so with that you may be able to deduce the answer of how it will fit into the plan. About the oil, blue cheese would be fine in moderation. I would say coconut oil would be a better addition to your diet.