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Have any of you guys tried or heard anything about Pyruvate? I heard and been reading that it helps with fat loss, any info would be great…

GNC or NHF in Canada ran a huge Pyruvate promotion about 5-7 years ago. It was right around the time Donovan Bailey won the gold. They claimed it was what made him so ripped and so strong and so fast. They linked the claims to 1 or 2 very low-key studies done on the supp. End result it was all hype. SInce then I have not heard a thing about it, but I have noticed it making a reappearance.

If I remember right, this was one of those supplements that only worked if you were able to take many many times the label dose, like 30 grams a day. It ended up being a bottle of a day or something. Anyway, it was shit and I haven’t even seen it being sold for years. Old news.