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Pyrros Dimas


I know there have been a lot of posts about dimas but I found this on youtube and was absolutely amazed. The guy is an absolute animal. Check out how he racks the barbell after a set of push presses, not sure how much weight it is but very impressive.


I'm a huge Dimas fan, he possesses absolutely mesmerizing strength and athleticism for his size. A 469 pound clean/jerk at a bodyweight of 180 pounds, that says a lot. I've recently switched to olympic lifting and can only dream of becoming nearly that good someday, watching him perform is truly an inspiration, considering I'm not a very big guy myself.


Yeah, simply amazing.

I've been trying to find out, what height is he?


His height is 172 cm (5'8").


I have several of those ironmind clips saved on my computer for pre-workout motivation. This is definitely one of my favorites.


... is a bad bad man!


I remember watching the Olympic Games with him in the metal award ceremony. He took 3rd, and was cheered by the crowd for five minutes. When the gold winner asked how he felt about it, he said something like "They are not cheering a bronze medalist. They are cheering a four time olympic winner of their country."

I also remember the Adidas billboard with Pyrros on it, and unlike the "Impossible is Nothing" slogan, instead stood "Impossible is lifting your country."

Pyrros stands in my mind as a true hero.