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Pyrros Dimas Video


After seeing DW and his videos, I had to make sure my mind had to forget that clean form so I looked up his video. Man he's strong. that is an understatement. Can anyone here put the bar on their shoulders like that and just walk around? I can with like 145 and I've never tried more but it's just sick. Here's the link: http://media.putfile.com/Ironmind_1993_Dimas


Wow he is very fast on the jerk portion of the c&j


I've seen that clip a handful of times and it still blows me away. His explosiveness is inhuman.


Odd to see him Split Jerking.


Wow! He was so damn casual with the way he handled the weight.


Amazing!! Olympic lifting is great. Nothing makes people stare and wisper to eachother more in a gym then a nice loud power clean.


I seriously don't get tired of watching that video.


We've said it before, we ll repeat it once again. Dimas is a genetic anomaly. get over it...
rumors say that the first time he ever squatted as an 8 year old little shit he put up 120kg.


Now a rumor like that's just got to be true!


Right. 8 years old and squatted 264lbs...whatever, hater. He is a genetic anomaly--just like every guy/girl that walks onto that Olympic stage and lifts those weights.


My penis is an anomaly. I beat he could'nt clean and jerk that thing.


that's OLD school son!


check the vid on the bottom for a young Dimas



I was gonna say the same thing.


in the video on his website he's gotta be max 80 lbs. i'm pretty sure that noone has ever put up a 4x BW squat raw ever, so to do it at 8 years old is obviously bullshit, unless your name starts with "s" and ends with "uperman".
though i'm guessing he has somewhere between 45-60kg on his back for full squat reps, which is undoubtedly impressive for a young kid and extremely rare as far as genetics goes.


Actually, quite a few elite Olympic lifters could squat 4x bw. I even heard of a 100kg guy squatting 400kg.

Its not that hard to believe when guys like Naim could clean and jerk 190kgs in the 60kg weight class. These guys squat 3x bodyweight like its childs play.

That being said, Pyrros wasnt even the strongest lifter in the comps he was in. He often won when he had no business winning. But his performance is consistent under pressure. I guess you can say that he was born to be a champ.


I wouldn't be so sure about the 4x BW squat raw considering a few of the smaller Olympic lifters have clean and jerked triple body. Not to say it has happened, but it wouldn't surprise me.



Did anyone notice his "miss" and his immediate cover-up on the power clean?



How does that happen? Surely he either made the lift or he didn't. :slightly_smiling:


He misses the clean and brings the weight back to his waist and does an immediate hang clean. It's so smooth you won't notice it except it doesn't fit into the routine he was doing.