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Pyramid Up or No?

I’m looking to plan a very lean bulk, 16 weeks, test cyp, deca and orals

Goals are strength, then lean mass in that order of importance

I’m 42, 200 pounds about 12-15 percent BF

I cruise at 250 test cyp

Previous cycles are pretty standard:

500 test, 300 deca
750 Sustanon
250 test, 600 deca
etc, etc

For my next cycle I’m looking at 16 weeks of 750 test cyp and 600 deca, but I’m torn between the following:

weeks 1-16
750 test-cyp
600 deca


weeks 1-8
500 test cyp
300 deca

weeks 9-16
750 test cyp
600 deca

My idea for the split is to milk the 500/300 mg gains then when they slow down, increase for another round of gains, thus continuing to grow the whole time

I don’t want to blast 750/600 and have the gains slow down after two months, gaining only half the 16 week cycle, but I’m concerned that 500/300 wouldn’t be enough to make a substantial improvement because I already cruise at 250mg, thus not really gaining at all

Either way I’m planing 50mg tbol weeks 1-4 as a kickstart and 50mg anadrol weeks 9-12 as a plateau buster / kickstart for the increased dosage


I don’t think there is a need to pyramid up. Tapering off however seems to be logical.

Pyramid up sounds good to me. Test at 250 and deca at 200mg. Gains dry up go to 500/400 and then to 750/600. If you a training well you should make gains on 500T/400D. Last 4 weeks add on oral like anavar to try and get some PBs in your big lifts .
Just another way of looking at it i guess.