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Pylometrics with HSS-100

I’m starting the intermediate pylometric program from the Vertical jump bible and was wondering if it would be effective to pair it with HSS-100 program. I know that it’s a bodybuilding program but what do you guys think?

Monday: Quads

Tuesday: Back/Traps

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: Hamstrings

Friday: Chest/Shoulders

Saturday: OFF

Sunday: Biceps/Triceps
What days should I do the pylometric workouts? I have 2 per week.


This is probably a bad idea. With plyometrics the physical qualities you are looking to develop are primarily reactive strength and rate of force development.

HSSS-100 is a hypertrophy orientated program, so by running the two alongside each other you are likely to achieve the following:

Training plyo’s in a fatigued state following HSSS-100 training will increase contact time and reduce force production. Result- less effective training stimulus.

Training plyo’s is a highly CNS intensive activity, which will probably decrease your ability to recruit and fatigue high threshold motor units during HSSS-100 training. Result- less effective training stimulus.

Now this is not to say that size, strength, hypertrophy, reactivity etc. can’t be trained concurrently, BUT this will only work up to a point. Additionally every physical quality you add to your training agenda you will have to reduce the volume and/or intensity with which you train it (lessening the training effect), and step up your ability to recover from the increase in work it entails.

It is probably a better idea to train HSSS-100 8 weeks (or whatever time frame Thibs prescribes), then in your next training block, train primarily for reactivity and rate of force development, whilst attempting to retain the strength and size gained in the previous block with the lowest volume and intensity possible.


good luck mate.