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PWshake Question

I was wondering how come that P+C is used in the post-workout shake when C+F causes the greatest insulin response… If you want to increase your insulin, why not simply eat C+F post-workout?

im no expert but i will do my best. fat slows digestion thus the muscles will not uptake the nutrients in a timely manner. secondly c+f will do nothing to stop protein breakdown. i think.

High plasma levels of carbs, fats, and insulin are a sure-fire way to get fat really quick.

P-Dog is on the right track with his protein breakdown assertion. You can’t make a statue without clay; so no protein equates to little to no protein synthesis. Additionally, you won’t restore the positive nitrogen balance without it.

Ah, that makes sense, thanks.

Poliquin talked about this a long time ago. It seems that the ingestion of fat after a workout actually decreases testosterone levels. So for this reason, it was the only meal in which you didn’t take in healthy fats.

Are you jokeing?