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Pwoer Output

Hey Christian,
I know this info was either in a past article or in your book, but I’ll ask it again…just to be sure. Could you rank the highest power output exercises that an athlete can perform. I think I saw it somewhere that Power snatches from blocks is numberone…and so on and so on. Thanks for the info and I love your “magical”, new training device the glider. Awesome GPP and strength building form of training. Cheers.

At equal relative effort (95-100% of maximum was the tested value) here’s the order:

  1. Second pull of the snatch (we can thus extrapolate snatch from the hang or snatch from blocks)

  2. Second pull of the clean (we can thus extrapolate clean from the hang and clean from the blocks)

  3. Jerk

  4. Snatch from floor

  5. Clean from floor

  6. Squat and deadlift

  7. Bench press

*** HOWEVER these were calculated from a competition 1RM. I personally found that peak power occurs between 45-65% on the powerlifts and between 85-90% on the olympic lifts. From my experiementations, speed squats at 45-65% have a power output as high as a max snatch, clean or jerk.