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I am a little confused about PWO shakes and nutrtition.

I know that after a work out u should have some whey protein, because it is a fast acting protein.

My question is about the carbs.

U are supposed to have fast acting, high glycemic carbs. correct?

What are some good choices of food for after a workout? Is there a difference between foods as long as they are high glycemic?

For example, my mom got me candy corn, which has 26 grams of sugar and 36 carbs. this is a high glycemic food, so does that make it good post workout? I know candy corn are poor choice of food for anytime of the day, but is it a good choice PWO?

Thanks alot


Well that candy corn most likely is niot the best choice. It is probably made up in majority of High Fructose Corn syrup solids which as far as sugar goes is Not fast. the fructose has to be processed by the liver before it can be used to replenish glycogen. and halt catabolism.

Your best and easiest would be Surge. If that is not doable then Skim Choclate milk can be great with your whey added. Even simple table sugar. Gatorade, etc. Look for dextrose or sucrose not fructose for PWO. Also Maltodextrin.

I say step up and get the Surge you wont regret the ease and assurance of having all the Protein, amino acid, and carbs taken care of in one swift syir of the spoon.

Hope that helps.

Damn forgot as far as Whole foods. Regualr old white bread is what is usually used as the scale for the GI. Its damn fast as is things like Puffed rice. Rice cakes, etc.

I know most people wouldn’t do this, but I add a spoonful of sugar to my Grow! shake, PWO.