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PWO While Doing CKD (& Refeed)

I am a stress eater. I gained 30 LBS fat this Winter due to bad eating and an injury. No excuses. I wimped out of working out much because I couldn’t go all out and I ate instead.
I am ready to move on.
I need to lose fat/cut.

I do not care about gaining any size for the next several months.
I am going to try to create a hybrid program using calorie restriction, CKD, steady state cardio/NEPA & basic maintenance lifting w principles taken from a few programs. (V-Diet 2.0 for caloric requirements, CKD for nutrition & V-Diet 3.0 workouts)

Summary below:

I am 43 and have been in “good” to great shape (<10% BF w good/medium mass) for most of my adult life.
I have gained weight about 4-5 times in the past 20 years and this is one of them & losing it has been a bitch now that I am older.

I realize I do not post here much, but have been reading forever and fully expect “pick one program” etc etc. I am trying tweak my program a bit for my own physiology as I have been in satisfactory shape for most of my life and found what works FOR ME. (example: I can not eat as many calories as most cutting programs allow, so I go to the low side etc).

So, I am looking for experienced explanations of a few things regarding CKD, PWO nutrition, food combining & refeeds.

I am doing a CKD w meals consisting of:

eggs, egg whites, avocado
macadamia nuts & whey protein
lean protein (fish, chicken, beef) w green veg/salad & olive & flax oil.

** I have read and used Lyle McDonald’s macro nutrient %s and also read a Berardi article here (that I can not find/link to at the moment) that had ratios at 55F/35P/10C while trying to limit carbs to < 50 (I think).
My meals are right around 30-50gm carb for the day and enough to keep me in keto.

** How/what should I eat PWO? The Berardi & McDonald plans require P&F at all meals. I also follow the V-Diet workout plans to preserve muscle and use the calorie formulas from V-Diet 2.0 & do NEPA walks 60 min/day so I am in a rather large caloric deficit. While I am using the V-Diet calorie guidelines - SURGE is too much carbs.

** I want to stay in keto so I can’t hit SURGE afterward. I also read that I should stay away from fat PWO so the nuts and shake won’t work. Should I just do a pro shake?

** Refeed: McDonald has the refeed at double maintenance calories. This didn’t work for me when I tried it some years ago. It was too much food/too soon and too long to recover. It also was too frequent to carb up after only 5 days - so I plan on doing it after 10 days and using maybe 1.5x maintenance w low fat.
Can anyone guide on their exp[erience w refeeds and what was most successful in terms of macro ratios and total calories consumed was?


Any suggestions on refeed foods?
I used to do sushi but realize CT calls the sticky rice “evil” due to the sugar and does not suggest it for a HSM in the V Diet. YET - the refeeds in McDonald’s keto plan are suggested to be high GI.

?? a bit confused. Thanks!