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PWO: Whey Concentrate vs. Isolate

Which is better PWO, concentrate or isolate?

Does anyone know the percentages used in common protein powders (Grow! Whey, ON Gold Standard, etc)

Isolate has higher percentage protein, less carbohydrate (lactose). Minimal research could have told you this, dude. Isolate is better.

Companies like optimum nutrition use a blend of concentrate, isolate, and hydrolysate to keep costs down. The blend is propietary, thus you don’t get to know the ratio. Just by looking at the order, you can tell what ingredients are most present proportionally (listed in decreasing quantity), but you don’t get to know the exact ratios. Buy a pure isolate instead of a blend, or just look at the amount of protein compared to the amount of lactose to get an idea of purity.

Oh, and a hydrolysate would actually likely be best PWO (jury is still out on that) due to its already being further broken down into smaller peptides than an isolate or concentrate. Expensive shit though.

I’ll chew the fat off this sacred cow:

It doesn’t fucking matter.


Because there is research to suggest whole milk (read: a whey/casein blend) is just as good if not superior to straight whey protein (isolate, hydro, etc) PWO. Hence, if the difference between such an obviously slower-digesting protein (casein) and whey (any form) is MARGINAL, then the difference between the different forms of whey should be even more marginal (not as great a difference).

Just get something in you. Get lots of protein and calories. Carbs if you’ve earned it or if it’s a carb-up day in your diet schedule. I’m even playing around with fats PWO and I honestly think the whole avoiding fats thing is overrated for the PWO window.

Fuck, drink heavy cream and a scoop of Metabolic Drive.

OK, Ponce, then I have another question:

Do you think the leucine, isoleucine, valine, glutamine, and glutamine precursors in ON’s whey are worth the extra 11 cents/serving, as opposed to just regular Grow! Whey which is 11 cents/serving cheaper

No, I don’t.

I think there are enough aminos in 2 scoops of Grow! whey. I also think old school bodybuilders did not have access to such fancy powders and look at all the people here drooling over those physiques, decades later.

[quote]PonceDeLeon wrote:
Fuck, drink heavy cream and a scoop of Metabolic Drive.[/quote]

Thats probably going a bit too far, man. Drinking cream for the fuck of it aint gonna get anyone but an ectomorph anything but fat.