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PWO Supplement Numbers


So I was reading in Scrawny to Brawny (for kicks haha) and I saw their recommendation for a PWO shake was

.8g/kg carbs
.4g/kg protein
3-5 g BCAA
3g Glutamine
3g DL-PA

So here's what I want to know. My protein powder contains 5g BCAA per scoop, 3.7g Glutamine and 1g DL-PA, and its just whey protein isolate. So, does that mean all I really need to add is about 2g DL-PA? Because it seems excessive to add those extra BCAA/Glutamine on top if I already meet those requirements....


I don't know what Berardi actually meant, but I would assume he was suggesting to add an EXTRA 3-5 g BCAAs & Glutamine. I would imagine that he knows that all whey proteins contain a decent serving of BCAAs and glutamine already. Thats my guess.


if your protein powder already contains 5g of BCAA's, then there's no need to add more.

EDIT: or add 5g of BCAAs if it helps you sleep at night, whatever.


I like to superdose when I have spare £££ and take 25g of BCAA periworkout.

From: http://www.johnberardi.com/articles/reviews/supplements.htm

  1. If a supplement category isn?t on the list, we probably never use it. For example, you might be wondering where the nitric oxide boosters are. We never use them so they?re not on the list. How about glutamine? Not on the list.