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PWO Studies


One of my relatives has been asking me for weight loss advice, and she is doing well, but I recently found out she is working out on an empty stomach and not eating for an hour afterwards in an attempt to maximize the fat burning effects of GH. I'm looking to find studies for her that show the importance of PWO nutrition for people trying to loose weight.


I would look into solving the post workout puzzle articles by Berardi.


If she likes science, this is the best article I've found:


Really helped me to understand, prior to reading that I was extremely skeptical. I just started using Surge myself in the last few days, and if anything my weight loss has accelerated, even though my daily calorie total went up about 5%.


Yep. Excellent article (also my "home" website). Like bluesteel mentioned though...it's definitely scientific stuff over at abc. You may need to point out what certain things mean if she has trouble understanding scientific concepts...which it sounds like she would since she needs newbie like help in the first place.


She's doing well....maybe let her keep doing well?

Is she a bodybuilder?