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PWO Spike


IS it really a good idea to spike your insulin day in and day out, for years? Especially if your body is not used to it, wouldnt that lead to diabetes or something?

Ive never used Surge, although i may try. I usually have a decent PRE WO shake, blended from whole food carb sources, fruits and whey, about 30-45 mins prior to my workout. Thus it should be digested and in my blood stream around the end of my workout, then after my workout i have a large carb and protein meal (oats and whey or eggs for example), which should take over from where i left off last.

I mean if your not 250lbs and 8% bf and competing, does it really make that big a difference?

The way i see it, my glycogen stores cant be depleted after 30-45 min training session, so why the rush to refill it? Why not just keep it full?

Forgive my noviceness if im completely off here.


Well, if you lift like a school girl, then yeah, you'll just get fat.

You might want to read up on what happens to your body when you resistance train.

And how can you tell if your glycogen stores are depleted or not? Were you born with gauges?

Check out the Surge product thread, it explains in great detail WHY you need it after your workout.


Good topic, would love to see some expert input on it. This is particularly/questionable when doing abbreviated volume programs such as ABBH 1/2 etc.

EDIT: also wanted to add that another reason why the spike/glycogen replenishment may not be so necessary (especially with lower volume routines) is the very large, high carb pre workout meal which is advocated.


exactly why i was curious. I also am on ABBH 1.


you make a good point...