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PWO Shakes with Water or Milk?


Basically in my PWO shake I use 200ml of milk and 2 scoops of WPI. I have it with milk because the protein i use is cookies n cream and it tastes really good with milk and its extra calories which i need.

Now theres this guy at my gym who says its way more beneficial to use water compared to milk in shakes because of the way its absorbed by the body when used with water,

So is there a major difference in using water for the liquid, if need be ill change to water. I just wouldnt think that the effectiveness of the protein would differ from milk to water.

Any thoughts would be sweet guys


He's right, drink pw with water


Personally I would drink it with milk, the carbs in milk would be benifical post workout... I dont see why water would be better... I guess if you were cutting it might make sense to cut out the calories from milk, but otherwise I see no reason for this to be true...



Why is he right man? I just dont understand the reasoning.

Im not cutting like Ratchet said, and hes right its got about 10g of carbs and an extra 120ish calories

not a heap of carbs but still


The body has a much harder time trying to digest milk and it is also 80% casein protein which is slower digesting, aka, not good.

I would use water over milk but I use OJ over water.

OJ + Vanilla protein = Deliciousness.

All of that said it probably doesn't make too much of a difference.


Which brand protein do you use? I had ON french vanilla and it sucked with milk. Sucked worse with water. Never tried it with OJ.

I haven't had a protein shake yet that tasted good with water so I resort to Nestle Quick chocolate milk post workout.


I use water, but I'm trying to cut...milk and a good powder is like a dessert! Who needs to cheat with stuff like this?!?


probably doesnt matter much at the end of the day,

i mix gatorade powder with protien powder


I mix my PWO shake mixed with rice milk. Easily digestible, high in carbs. Enjoy with a pop-tart, then hit the shower.


but the casein should not affect how the whey is digested I would not think?? I usually just have 2 to 3 scoops of whey with a scoop of gatorade powder as my post workout... Grow + fruit punch = win.... Some recent research has suggested that carbonation speeds up the entry of food into your intestines, if you believe that, adding soda water is not a bad idea... if nothing else it makes the drinks fizzy !!


Vanilla Protein Powder + OJ = Orange Julius


If you don't use a recovery formula like Surge recovery, for pw you need fast absorbed protein (whey) and some simple carbs to spike the insulin, I don't think milk is good for that because of the fats


Fat free skim milk?


I dunno, I never bothered with that?
What's the difference between water and skim milk anyway, they both taste the same :smiley:

I just have whey with water + 2-3 fistfuls of raisins post workout


Will be slower to digest than whey alone.

Anyway "milk is for babies"


I think this sums it up. No reason to take it past this.

If you did want to take it past that. There is a study that will support your PWO drink. The study is with chocolate milk having the same good effects as a whey/carb drink post workout. If i was at the gym and a guy told me to use water instead of milk because it will effect my gains i would probably never speak to this person again about workout nutrition.


what exactly is so "not good" about casein pwo? does the body all of a sudden not need protein 30 minutes after you finish your shake?

milk protein sounds pretty perfect to me. the 20% whey starts digesting right away and hits your body sooner (omgzzz the pwo windowzz!!!!), then for a few hours the 80% casein is fed to the muscles.



haha not to me. I use skim with my shakes and love them. Water with my shakes; I hate them.


Care to expand on this? Alot of people have gotten big by including milk in their diets.


Arnold quote :wink:


Milk is for babies?

This coming from a guy who took steroids(Arnold)...

I hate that statement. Yeah...if I was on steroids, I'd say fuck milk too, who needs it at that point.

As long as you're gaining(strength/muscle) or whatever your goals may be, I say keep doing what you're doing and don't sweat the small shit.