PWO Shakes for Bulking

I’ve read a lot lately saying that PWO shakes should be taken with oats for bulking at about a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio. I hate oats, and I’m bulking right now, so my question is…can I just have a bowl of cereal with a protein shake PWO, or instant oatmeal and a shake? Wouldn’t that be just as effective since it’s getting the carbs I need?

I actually used to eat a bowl of frosted flakes for my PWO sugar, and then put down a shake with Whey and creatine.


oats are a complex carb and wouldn’t be ideal immediately PWO.

whey hydrolsate and simple carbs would be your best option, then follow with complex carbs/protein 60 mins later

It’s not just “carbs” but what kind of carbs, as stated above at this time you want simple carbs. A dextrose/maltodextrin mix (Surge and Surge like drinks) is ideal. In terms of food anything white, i.e. white rice, white bread, bagel all are fast acting and at this time (pw) they are a better choice than complex carbs. (for a multitude of reasons including their affect on hormones specifically insulin). For more info…

Solving the post workout puzzle by Dr. Berardi; Parts 1,2

I like:

Whey (Ideally Hydrolyzed)
5-10g Glutamine
5-15g BCAA’s
Vitargo or Waxy Maize Starch (Carbs)
Creatine CEE or TriCreatine Malate

But a whole food meal is fine also.