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PWO Shake with Carbs While Cutting


this has probably been asked before but i've been confused. if you are cutting should your pwo shake have carbs? It was my understanding that carbs and protein are needed after a workout in order to build mustls. but carbs also need to be slashed in order to lose weight.

I'm around 15% bf and really need to cut out carbs when dieting. do you think i should have carbs in my pwo shake?


The answer to your question depends on many things. First, it depends on what type of diet you're having currently. What are your macros? If you're trying to be in ketosis (i.e following a keto diet) than NO, no carbs PWO. If you're following a low carb diet and the amount of carbs a day you eat fit into your PWO shake, then sure have them here if u want.

If you're unsure what ur diet should be and if cutting carbs out of your PWO shake is needed, then no, its not NEEDED. However, thats up to you. You don't necessarily have to cut carbs to cut body fat, you really just need to cut calories. Carbs PWO is probably the best time for carbs during the day when either bulking or cutting. This is highly individual though. Some people WILL have to cut carbs in order to lose fat, some people don't have to if they don't want to. Like I said, the answer depends on many things.


PWO Carbs are the LAST place I intend to cut carbs from my daily intake. If you're doing a low carb approach, remove from elsewhere 1st. The last two places you should take away from are PWO, and 1st thing in the morning.



I've been eating around 225grams of protein and around 200 grams of carbs a day during maitenance. not sure of the fat though.

About 125 g of carbs are PWO. Does this seem like too many? I could cut that down when I start to cut and cut the other carbs in the day out. I'm about 205 btw

also thanks for the answer stu


I limit my PWO carbs to 40g. Actually, I used to measure out about 3/4 or a cup of frosted flakes with my whey -lol.



I would say 125 grams of carbs PWO is too much during a cut for most people.


Yeah, I've never had to dip below a serving or so of Surge.

And I agree with Stu on keeping post-workout and morning carbs. At least until your progress stalls, then it might be time to tough it out.


Thanks for all the help