PWO Shake, WHEN???

I just read David Barr’s article on the top ten post-workout nutrition myths. (

…And I came away very confused as to when one should drink the PW protein shake. On one hand, Barr seems to argue that drinking the shake before one’s workout can increase one’s gains dramatically (“liquid pre workout meal consumption dramatically increases muscle blood flow and protein synthesis”) but he also seems to simultaneously argue that about an hour after one’s workout is the best time to drink the shake.

Does anyone understand what he means? When is the best time to drink the protein shake? Before a workout? After a workout? How long before and how long after?

Take a read of the article and let me know if you understand it better than I do.

BOTH, all the time. What Dave is stressing is his usual the beating down of Dogma. This time of the PWO drink. That people have made this PWO thing so damn important that they seem to not pay attention to pre w/o. wha you have prior to and during which are as and most likely more inportant.

Simply having enough of the right fuels in you to have a great w/o. If you dont then you wont perform worth a damn and hell no need for a PWO shake. So he’s really not sayiong DONT have a PWO Surge but that one prior to is as and most likely more iomportant to those looking to pack on Muslce.

I know being freinds with Dave we talked abnoput this varuious times prior to this article coming out. It had me begin experimenting to find what was Optimal for me. I found one hal;f hour prior to my workout I mix a full 2 scoops Surge in 32 oz water. down half of it,. the during my warm up sets etc a drink the rest. this give me AWESOME energy etc, for my w/o. Last about an Houtr and I can then follow the w/o with more Surge or I opt for simple cereal and Grow! then an Hour or so later have a big meal.

Hope that helps,
Experiment and Find what works for you.


and I on the other hand still follow JB’s way of doing it (Surge throughout workout, and serving after) I Tried Barrs layout for a little while and my energy levels were never the same when compared to drinking Surge throughout training. Just comes to show ya that you have to find what works best for YOU! Good luck