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PWO Shake When Cutting


Apologies is this is a bit of a silly question, i just require a quick straight answer please !

I'm trying to cut a little, and as so have dropped my calories. however I'm still working out etc and stil take a PWO shake - what should this consist of?! As right now the only protein powder I have is Metabolic Drive and as the most important thing imm. PWO is Carbs, I suddenly thought, hang on, is this stupid. Lol...Do I need a normal protein powder with carbs in to have PWO... or something such as Surge etc...Please advise lol :slight_smile: Thanks very much.


People are going to have different opinions on this.

I personally have some eggs and some whey protein along with some BCAAs right after a workout and actually wait an hour or so before having carbs.

One train of thought from a very well known and respected source says that "taking in sugar will cause your blood sugar to skyrocket. If this happens after a workout, you may be able to replenish spent energy stores, but you're certainly not going to get a significant growth hormone response from your training.

The high level of insulin that invariably accompanies increased blood sugar will surpress GH secretion. No GH, no growth and repair!"


In my opinion, the PWO should remain the same regardless of goals. It's the other meals that change.


Disagree with that latter statement, agree with the first. I would do the PWO shake regardless and not change any of my other meals. The PWO should in addition to your daily calories to account for the workout, this is especially important when cutting.

Don't sweat the PWO- there is a 99.9834% chance it will not turn to fat...


You could use free form and branch chain aminos post workout if you really wanted to avoid carbs. I would still have carbs in my PWO shake on leg day....for lighter workouts you could go with bcaa and aminos pre/during/post


Where is this from? A link to a substantive, well-referenced article would be good.


Fortunately, we know this to not only be false but directly contradict the available scientific literature on the subject.

In the 80's we were all about endogenous GH for muscle growth and it seems to have made the sad, but obligatory, comeback.

Now we can directly see that nutrients, in the absence of any other anabolic stimulus (including hormones) can induce muscle protein synthesis. Coupled with the direct stimulus from resistance training we'll maximize the effect.

This is simply an effort to clarify the subject.


To the original poster: if you're just cutting a little, don't worry about skipping CHO's.

If you're on a strict low carb diet then protein before and after is all you'd want (with a few exceptions).


Dr.Squat wrote it in one of his books that I've read.

Well, theories and thoughts are always changing in the medical and nutrition field, right? :slight_smile: