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PWO Shake v. Food


I was wondering how many of you guys ACTUALLY use a PWO shake instead of just having a healthy meal. Shakes have generally made me feel sick in the past when I take them after a workout. For some of you all out there who have been in the game a while, do you honestly think it makes that much of difference?



Definitely a shake. I'm always a little sick to my stomach after training, but I can down a 1000 calorie shake in a matter of seconds with minimal discomfort. If I tried to eat an actual meal of that size after training I'd be puking my guts out.


When I get done working out I'm STARVING. I normally down a shake(2 scoop) just to sort of bridge the gap between when I'm done at the gym and when I can get a meal together.


I personally have always had a pwo shake straight after the workout then a meal an hour after.


as the day progresses, i love my food more lyquified and taking less time to be prepared




Why would you have a high energy packed carb/protein drink AFTER you have already exerted your energy at the gym?

Wouldn't it make more sense to have it before your workout, then a healthy meal after, once your stomach has settled down?




i like having a shake immediately when i get home because (besides the obvious facts) it gives me time to unload my bag, log my workout, take a shower, chat with the fiance, call family and prepare my meal.


I take 50grams of protein following my workout/cardio. Not once have I felt sick. I also noticed that I feel less exausted. I have tried eating ground beef right after my workout, that almost made me puke.


I have the PW shake right after working out, and I eat too.

You guys must have week stomachs, I have no problem eating anything after I work out.


Well in my understanding, takeing a shake hits your body faster in terms of nutrients and so forth, like whey for instance, I mean its powdered so it takes less to digest so WHAM, straight into the system to help muscles, where as food would take a while...


X2. This is the only reason I take another shake. I typically take a carb/protein shake before and during and then just a protein afterwards to give me time to prepare a meal. Otherwise, I will be pure starvation mode and grab some of my kids carbalicious snacks!



Now, I can't eat IMMEDIATELY after working out, but by the time I get home and make my meal I'm ravenous and can eat anything. Sometimes I will down a shake in the meantime, but I find I get hungry very soon after. Every once in a while I'll have a shake, shower, and then prepare a meal.


haven't you heard of the anabolic window :stuck_out_tongue:

it's not just supplement companies trying to get you to buy shit. It's important that your body gets the shit it needs and fast after a workout.

that's why you drink a shake, then eat about an hour later.

in the end does it really make that big of a difference? I haven't been lifting long enough with or without one to say, but like someone else said it does give me time to get some minor stuff out of the way before sitting down to eat my next meal.


You are overestimating how fast a shake is digested compared to whole food. Maybe digested is the wrong word. But the nutrients in the shake consumed PWO will not enhance anabolism that much more than a whole food meal eaten withing a few hours the workout. The anabolic window is much larger than most people assume.

I mean CT's para-nutrition principles are all the rage right now. Maybe you should read them to broaden your knowledge.

And to the OP. A it's not an either or situation WRT to shakes and food. I have a meal 1.5 hours before my workout. A shake 30minutes prior. Sip whey/carbs during the workout. Have a weight gainer shake (maltodextrin/protein blend) PWO and then a meal about an hour later. Calories are calories. If you aren't getting enough overall it doesn't matter how perfect your nutrient timing is.


I actually do both :smiley:

I have a 200 calorie oatmeal bar to eat immediately upon entering the locker room, then slug a shake as well.


I'm sure you've always felt this way. It has nothing to do with the current "pre-workout" hype on the site, does it? You would never have thought a PWO shake was a good idea, correct?


Thanks for the replies everyone.



I'd say it makes a huge difference TS. Now that I've had Surge Recovery the last couple weeks, I can't imagine using any other pwo shake. I now understand why Surge Recovery was so highly regarded back in the day.


Don't talk down to me, dickhead.

Carbohydrates are used for ENERGY.

Why the fuck, wouuld you take 50+ grams of carbs to give you energy AFTER YOU HAVE ALREADY TRAINED?

The only thing I have after my workout is a standard protein shake, then a meal when I get home and have had a shower.