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PWO Shake Sits and Sits...

Okay, just a quick question. I know a similar thread has existed in the past, but not quite the same.

I planned on having a workout today. My gym is closed. LAME!

Anyway, for my postworkout shake, I have two scoops of Surge, one scoop of a Whey, and two scoops (of the Biotest) Creatine. My question is: If I made the concoction this morning at about 9:30, is it okay for me to keep chilled and just go ahead drink after the belated workout tomorrow, around 12-1 pmish?

I know it’s not a lot of stuff, but I am po’ as all get out, and really need to conserve every bit of food I have.


It’ll be fine. I’ve let a shake sit overnight in the fridge and there weren’t problems

i would say yes, but the fact that the creatine has been diluted for that long, i wouldn’t drink it.

wont be very appetizing but i’m sure it will be fine.