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PWO Shake Question

My post-workout shake for the past ten weeks or so has looked like this:

45g Whey Protein
40g Carb
40g Sugar
10g Glutamine
5g BCAAs

I’ve been getting good results with that, but I was wondering if I could make any improvements to it? Is my protein/carb ratio satisfactory or should I tweak it?

Thanks for the help dudes.

~20g protein and 50g carb with a couple g of glutamine and the 5g of BCAA is plenty. What is the difference between “sugar” and “carb” in your list? What is your body weight? How long/intense is your workout?

Seems protein packed, but where’s the crea?

If it is working then keep it up. I don’t see the point of extra glutamine when you have all those carbs though. Probably don’t need it, if you go low carb, definitely add the glutamine back in.

Have you ever tried increasing the BCAA’s?

Challer - The sugar and carbs come from a recovery supplement a la Surge. I’m 230 lbs and my workouts are usually high volume using 4-8 reps with heavy weights. The lifting portion of my training usually lasts 45-60 min.

Pozz - I’ve thought about it. How much though? Should I go up to 10g?

If you really want to take it to the next level, step up to WPH in place of regular whey protein. Warning: it will taste nasty unless you get it in the form of Surge.

I’d also replace the sugar with dextrose, malto, or a combination. You’d also probably get a better effect by using 10 to 15 g BCAA and dumping the glutamine.

HK - Thanks, maybe I should have specified but the sugar/carbs are actually from Malto. Why no glutamine if I may ask?