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PWO Shake & Low Carb Shake

Hey Folks!

When consuming a post workout shake, what guideline do you have to follow? How can someone calculate how much carbs and protein the shake has to contain to guarantee best results?

Plus which one is the best LOW CARB protein shake, if I cannot get my hands on Metabolic Drive?


PWO shake: see “Surge”

Low Carb: if you can’t afford Metabolic Drive, then don’t waste your cash on something cheaper. It wouldn’t be good use of your limited funds.

alright i’ll check out Surge.

its not about affording, its about shipping, because i live in germany, and the problem is that i do not know if i can get it shipped to here?!

Go do a mockup order - I’m sure they do post to Germany.

If you want something that “guarantees” best results because of the formulation and carb/protein levels, then Surge would be my #1 choice, plus the flavours taste really good.