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PWO Shake Ingredient

Hey since there has been some studies suggesting cinnamon improves insulin sensitivity… (search T-Nation or google), does anyone include it in their post-workout shake? I’m wondering if this would be a good time to add some in or if it would interfere at all with PWO absorption…

Anyone looked into this?

The only thing to be sure of when you find things that increase insulin sensitivity is that they at least work for the skeletal muscles and not just for fat cells.

However, I know I’ve used a bit of cinnamon from time to time simply because it was reported to have good affects on body profiles.

Often though, things that work for sedentary people have less effect for those that work out… perhaps because working out already causes differences that these these things would cause.

There you go, a load of new questions for you… :wink:

Excellent post vroom.

I think the original study was presented in a letter to Diabetes. This makes it interesting, but doesn’t have the power of a primary paper.

Also, one should be aware that acute improvements in insulin sensitivity are associated with an inhibition of protein synthesis.