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PWO Shake/Dinner Timing

With my current schedule I tend to finish lifting immediately before dinner is ready (college kid living at home…mom still cooks dinner). I’ve always been under the impression that a regular old protein shake immediately after lifting is the most beneficial (as compared to prior to lifting or during lifting, obviously you should be meeting your protein needs via every meal you eat). Also, I don’t know if I am right or wrong, but I have always thought that eating other food at the same time as your shake will tend to slow absorption rates, is this true?

I currently have about a 40/60 casein/whey mix for some fast absorbing and some slow absorbing protein all in the same shake. If I remember I will drink half before my lift and then the other half after, but sometimes it ends up with me downing the whole thing right after, then about 15-30 minutes later I eat dinner.

Obviously, it’s not gonna have a negative impact, but is there a better plan for all this, or am I just overreacting?