PWO Shake Blues

No matter what I do for the next 3 to 4 hours after my PWO shake I feel like absolute cross eyed shit. even after my next meal , even if its low carb.

My ability to concentrate, read, work , focus , stay awake , goes down the Drain. Ive tried added dlpa, L tyrosine, alpha Lipoic acid, corosolic acid, pre workout Spike, or HRX and nothing counteracts the affects except to not jack my insulin.

Is it worth it to suffer so much? Anyone else remedy this problem?

Only time I have a similar experience is when my carbs pre and PWO are too low.

My daily amount of carbs is 180g. 90 if is consumed in d-glucose form split between my pre and PWO shakes.

I feel like this right after my workout, but then I slam my PWO and 5 minutes later I start feeling better.

Maybe look at your carb intake. Try having 1/2 you daily intake of carbs come directly pre and PWO.

Rest of the time I only get carbs from veggies or dairy.

One other change I added recently that helped big time is instead of waiting until I get home from the gym to have my PWO (which is only 15 mins away) I finish my drink immediately after my workout (within 5 minutes of putting my last weight down).
I have no clue why but it’s made a significant difference in recovery time.

when I have pre workout liquid carbs i feel less intense during my training , more lethargic. but if I add in some solid carbs im cool, its the liquid carbs that get me.

Maybe your metabolism is fast and it gets through the liquid carbs too fast, causing a quicker turnaround on the crash. I say go ahead and try the solid carbs pre. Or maybe do some liquid carbs during.

I think no matter what you do you will probably feel a slight crash after the workout regardless. Maybe you need to look at your diet overall to make sure you’re getting enough throughout the entire day.