PWO Shake and Fat Loss

Im currently in a mass gain phase.

my shake after heavy workouts is:
25g prot
25g dextrose
25g maltodextrin

in 6 weeks i enter a fat strip phase.

im cutting the heavy lift days from 3 down to 2 and plan on keeping the above shake in to help preserve muscle mass.

However, i am adding in two lactate weight sessions per week.

It is my understanding that these are mainly for their metabolic effect and fat loss ramifications.

However it still fairly heavily uses my muscles…

should i be taking the above shake after these lactate sessions or not?

thanks in advance.

of course you should

i would, though i have seen alot of approaches lately where they wouldnt. I guess it depends on your approach and how fat you are.

Im about 20% bf right now, cutting down to 10%.

Ive put on about 4 pounds of non fat material in a month, and expect my total non fat gain to be 10 pounds by the end of the full 10 weeks.

I plan on continuing to meso cycle? i.e 10 weeks clean bulk, 4 weeks cut rinse, repeat.

basically im trying to decide if i want that severe dextrose induced insulin spike 2 times per week or 4 times per week.

id lean towards 2 times per week and hope that those 2 heavy lift sessions with proper PWO nutrition will defend muscle.

but on the other hand doing lactate training with only protein afterwards may risk my muscle mass.

if someone cant point me to a few articles dealing with this sort of element id appreciate it.

as it stands now i think im going to have oats with whey after the lactate so as not to spike too much.


anyone with some articles links?

i cant seem to phrase the search for this info right and never get relevant posts come up in the results!

What is the bigger picture in all this, this is just your pwo shake, how are the rest of your meals during this 6 week phase?

during the fat loss phase in which i am wondering about i do this:

maintenance 3300 cals/day

5 days a week 20% less.
2 days per week (heavy resistance training days) i go up to maintenance.

Ill eat clean all week, 6 meals per day, protein, green veg and oil/nuts/cheese with every sitting.
ill be eating less than 30g carbs on non heavy train days. (5 days per week)

saturday ill have a half day eating whatever i want, probably a pizza, and a huge bowl of cake and ice cream.

ill be taking cassein and zinc and magnesium before bed. i sip a standard whey powder in my sleep all night.

ill be doing fasted cardio 1st thing every day.

ill be taking a bucket load of BCAAs, creatine around workout time and doing HOT-ROX as per directions.

ill be doing two heavy sessions followed by 20 mins steady state, followed by the PWO shake noted above.

ill also be doing 2 lactate training sessions per week.

and with all the above in mind…i think some elements will try and take my muscle, whilst ive added in as much as possible to preserve it.

Right now i just need to be pointed to some previous discussions / articles that people know of, so i can base my choice for after my lactate sessions on something.

or you can give an opinion on whether i will need the PWO shake after every workout or not - to keep muscle, but potentially slow down fat loss.

10 points to who ever just read all of that.