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PWO On The Road


For those of you who do some travelling do you have any suggestions for pwo solutions that are easily obtained/convenient when travelling? Unfortunately I cant bring my Surge tub along due to luggage constraints.

I was thinking maybe some fat-free chocolate milk. Or maybe one of the fruit juice whey smoothies some of those juicer places sell. Maybe even a chicken/tuna sub on white bread?

Anyone got any good ideas?


The fat free chocolate milk should work damn well.

Now here's a nit-picky question but I did wonder the answer when I was stuck without any Surge or other PWO powder:

What's better immediately after lifting, skim milk or 2% choc milk (assuming equal amounts)?


Pineapple juice mixed with a vanilla protein powder of your choice. Tastes like Pina Colada if you are downing a decent tasting vanilla, Low-Carb Grow! would probably work well.


FF chocalote milk sounds tatsy. In the past I have also used powered skim milk.
Good luck


I'd go w/ skim milk since I usually go for low/no fat PWO.



Try some whey protein powder mixed with gatorade.


In his D-Tap interview, John Berardi says fat-free chocolate milk is a decent substitute.