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PWO Nutrtion 4 Fattie


should i take in whey and hi gi carbs even if body fat is over 30%, and if so just when lifting, what if i did some aerobic or metabolic training would that change my intake


Is your goal to lose weight or get stronger or get more muscular? Why are you working out?

If you're trying to lose weight, as you've made two references to being "fat", you should worry more about daily caloric intake and expenditure than pre-workout nutrition. I am supposing though, since you did not actually give us any information.


Are you on a diet trying to lose body fat? If so, I would generally recommend avoiding shakes of any sort and getting your nutrients from quality whole foods. It will be much more satiating and make the diet easier.

Regarding aerobic exercise, don't drink a shake afterwards. If you're doing aerobics for purposes of burning some extra calories, and then throw those calories right back in the form of a liquid non-satiating shake, then you've effectively wasted an hour of your life.


Have 2 scoops of whey with water after lifting weights. You don't need carbs.

Stick to whole foods the rest of the day.


You need the protein (whey) peri-workout one scoop of 25 grams of whey after your workout and it wouldn't hurt you to take the same amount 30-60 minutes before.

Your going to need carbs at least once per week for hormonal regulation even if going low carb, an example of this way of eating is the Anabolic Diet.(search it in the upper right)

You should also look into carb cycling as an option.

As for the aerobic training, put the fasted low intensity cardio first thing in the morning with NO whey or carbs before hand. (hence fasted)


Huh? Carbs for hormonal regulation? Can you explain this in more detail.....?


i found the title of this thread so funny lol


Look up the "paleolithic diet" on Google...

You'll find some good stuff on nutrition and macros ratio.

As far as PWO goes, are we talking post or pre workout?


Others would be much better at breaking this down into the minutia then me but here goes my attempt.

By doing a weekly carb up you bring insulin into the game which has many positive effects over a strictly low carb diet. IGF has a very important role as well as testosterone in males which is lowered with continual low carb-ing.

Most specifically carbs or rather insulin plays a very important role in T4 to T3 conversion. Without the weekly burst of insulin to act as a "hormonal reset button" T4 would not convert to T3 and testosterone would be lowered.

I haven't read any research papers if you are looking for citations.
I basically just summed up the idea behind the Anabolic Diet.


I was in your shoes once (about 30% bf). I basically followed dave polumbo's keto approach and it was very effective at losing weight, if that is your goal. Regardless, at 30% bf it should be your goal.

IMO you don't need peri workout carbs but as the other poster mentioned, have at least one refeed a week. In the beginning of the diet you should limit the refeed to your last 2-3 meals. Eat foods like oats, rice, potatoes, ezekiel bread, etc. As you progress you can expand the refeed a bit depending on how well your body responds to it. I ended up doing full day refeeds with some cheat meals (pizza mainly) on Sundays after I knew I could still lose 1-2lb that week.


Why the hell do you keep plugging Paleo all over this forum? You've been here 2 minutes and you're already starting to piss me off.


i am looking 2 drop b/f primarily, doing a ctl diet as i want something in the bag of tricks when that stalls, ie paleo , tried 6 shake diet promoted here but the headaches and lack of brain function made me raid the pantry, currenly doing 1 body part per day (every day 5 day cycle and one hour of cardio in the morning after weights but plan to go to 2nd cardio session in the evening so i would need one more meal b 4 sleeping and just wondered if a whey/ fruit shake would b the whey (pun intended ) 2 go


how is this indigo , can one eat more carbs on this and still make it happen, is it like clenbuterorl but legal N safe?


Forget about Indigo or Clen.
Focus on AD, with moderate carb-ups.


what is AD


There are many ways to skin a cat. I find it funny that people keep recommending specific diet strategies (ie: Paleo, AD, etc.) for someone who clearly needs to do a considerable amount of research before picking a strategy.

OP: Supplements like indigo or (I can't believe I'm even saying this) Clen will not help you if you don't get your diet on track first. You have a long way to go before you need to bother with this.


ANABOLIC DIET was mentioned a few times in this short thread and you can't figure out what AD means?

Good luck with your diet, and I will say hi back to you next time I shop at a Wal-Mart.




Hey this is Nutrition not Religion. No need to get upset with peoples Diets!


First: Stop

Second: Deep breath

Third: Clean up your diet, start a log, stop jumping around, get educated.