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PWO Nutrition

Now, I know eating right after working out is important, but I need help choosing what to eat. Currently, I’ll have a large glass of 1% milk, a cup of low-fat yogurt, and a bowl of Total Protein cereal. I know this probably isn’t optimal, but it’s free as my parents will buy this stuff for me at the grocery. I’m only 17 and don’t have lots of money, but I can spend some, preferably no more than 30 bucks a month.

So, is spending the extra money for these powders etc. worth it? And if so, what’s the best product for the price?

That is not a bad after workout meal. You are getting a pretty good ratio for carbs to protein. Some quicker acting carbs are in there. Listen, you’re 17, just eat. I don’t know what your long term goals are, but now, as a beginner, just eat what is available to you.
Continue to work out, eat the best you can, and you will see results.
Save your 30 bucks for a case of beer and some cigars

Surge is awesome and the first supplement I would reccomend anyone to buy. But I remember what it was like to be a kid and have no money(even though I was working full time during the summer at your age son;). My advise would be to drink some non-fat chocolate milk as a PWO shake and a banana, then eat some fast carbs (white rice or pasta) with some protein like a chicken breast or tuna. Go for the Surge if you can swing it, nothing better.

Hey Rover,
On this site, you’ll find most people recomending Surge as the optimal PWO drink. Coincidently, you can buy it here too. =P
There’s a lot of very thorough explanation of why Surge is considered optimal throughout this site. Look under the Authors section for John Berardi and browse through his articles or listen to the audio interview with him. In the audio interview he also describes low fat chocolate milk as being an ‘okay’ alternative.
If you can get your parents to go for it , then Surge is probably your best bet.

In her “Hard Body Training” article Christine Lamy talks about using a mix of protien powder and pineapple juice pwo.
I don’t know where this would rank in terms of effectiveness compared to Surge, or the LF Choc. Milk, but it got me thinking about this low-budget snack my grandmother used to make when I was little. She’d take a can of crushed pineapple and mix it with a packet of powdered hot chocolate. Then she’d spread the resulting paste on a sheet of plastic wrap, fold up the plastic wrap and stick it in the freezer. After a couple of hours you’ve got a bar that looks kind of gross but, if memory serves, was fairly yummy.
It’s been a long time since I’ve had one of those, but I’ve been wondering if substituting some protein powder for the hot chocolate packet would result in a decent post workout snack.

Yup Surge is optimal, and I would say the first supplement anyone should go after, (considering things like a multi and fish oil, etc. not as supplements)

Sure there are other routes but if you can afford one supp. Surge PWO would be the best IMO.

Here are some links that may help,
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Hope that helps,

Surge is definatly great but obviously isnt cheap…

A tub of Grow! at 37g P/17g C a serving and some gatorade powder would be my prefrance over what your doing now (doesnt the total cereal use soy?) and should fit in your budget. Maybe save up so you can order more then one tub at a time to save on shipping

That seems like perfectly good post-workout nutrition. I’d save your money.

Surge is going to be vastly superior to Grow! and Gatorade for PWO. Grow! is digested slowly. Surge is made to be absorbed as quickly as possible.

There is no simple equivalent substitute for Surge. Either you can use the basic ingredients and it will taste nasty, and still may cost you more, or you can use ingredients that will give you inferior results.

Read the two article links posted above, then make up your own mind. Surge was formulated to solve a specific problem better than anything else, and it excels at that.

I second that… this is exactly what John Berardi talks about in double tap. He basicly said that you could use other Pwo’s but Surge has been formulated to meet the need in about 1/3 of the time.


He did say that 1% or lowfat chocolate milk was good if you’re on a budget or don’t want Surge but it obviously won’t give you what you need in the same amount of time.

Id recommend:

Powdered Gatorade (as it is dextrose)
Yogurt with Fruit on the Bottom (more sugar)
and chocolate milk.

While Surge is the best choice… at 17 you don’t need to be spending your only $30 on it. So you may not get the best results for your time but hey… just keep eating.

[quote]sasquatch wrote:
That is not a bad after workout meal. You are getting a pretty good ratio for carbs to protein. Some quicker acting carbs are in there. Listen, you’re 17, just eat. [/quote]

Second that. At 17-> EAT, dude…eat. And get that low fat chocolate milk from your mom. When you get more purchasing power (NOT from student loans in college, listen to me!), shoot for the real deal.

Stay consistent,

Matt, “Consumer/college debt free and lovin’ it”