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PWO Nutrition

I was just wonering if you could tell me if I’m doing this right.
Since I ran out of Surge I have not been drinking a protein carb drink during the exercise bout and as pwo. I’ve been drinking skim milk with added splenda so that the protein and carb ratios are the same as in Surge. Then an hour and a half later I eat a total of 32 grams of protein with 67 grams of carbs.
Then two hours later I’ll eat 180 grams of carbs 36 grams of protein.
Again two hours later and the meal consists of 135 grams carbs and 38 grams of protein.
Finally, the last protein + carb meal consists of 139 grams(carbs) and 47 grams of protein.

Is this a good plan of attack for pwo nutrition on a bulking phase.

Osvaldo Hernandez Chavez

Just get some whey protein and some dextrose sugar (both are cheap as hell and better pwo than skim milk).

It seems to me, that even for a bulking phase, you are eating way too many carb meals. Have 1 carb meal 4 breakfast and have 2 carbs meals after your workout (one liquid carbs and protein and the other whole food). If u r not carb sensitive then I guess it is ok to throw in 1 more P+C meal after your workout(but 4 should be the max). Then stick to protein and healthy fats.

Cant really help you with spesfic amounts of protein and carbs because I dont know your body weight and/or goals.

Um… Splenda for carbs?

SPLENDA? Brand Sweetener (sucralose) is made by a patented multi-step process that starts with cane sugar. Three hydrogen-oxygen groups on the sugar (sucrose) molecule are replaced by 3 tightly (covalently) bound chlorine atoms. The resulting sweetener, sucralose, is approximately 600 times sweeter than sugar and exceptionally stable. Sucralose is not broken down, so it has no calories, and the body does not recognize it as a carbohydrate. Studies show that sucralose has no effect on HbA1C, blood glucose or serum insulin levels. Additionally, sucralose will not interfere with glucose or HbA1C assays, so patients can monitor as usual.

Even though the ingredients state dextrose and maltodextrin (although I believe it’s different in the US), Splenda has no calories.

You cannot get enough sugar from Splenda to achieve a surge in insulin levels.

Just how many packets of splenda were you adding to your milk?

Hey, there, Pancho!

The answer to your questions lie within JB’s articles, “Solving the PostWorkout Puzzle,” I & II. He explains what’s going on PWO and what you need to do to enhance/maximize muscle growth and recovery.



Even for bulking, I’m not a big fan of milk PWO. For one thing, it stays in your stomach too long. PWO you want QUICK digesting proteins (no Low-Carb Grow! with slow-release casein, either).

Finally, just a few general recommendations for your bulking cycle:

  • Protein every meal (of course)

  • Green veggie carbs and/or fruit every meal. A possible exception being the meal or two PWO when you’re trying to jack up your carb intake. The higher your fiber intake, the less carbs you’ll be able to eat in a given setting.

  • Make sure you’re getting enough fat (.4g - .5g x TBW). Your last meal before bed and a middle-of-the-night shake would be the perfect times to add extra fat. Never right before or after you work out.

  • The majority of your carbs for the day should be taken in PWO in the form of starchy carbs (oatmeal, brown rice, sweet poatotes/yams, pasta). I’d even say as high as 50-60% of your carbs for the day. Remember, it’s all about good choices and TIMING. Take in the food your body requires at the time your body needs it most.

So repeating (some people call it a “recap” (grin)), any diet (bulking or cutting) is built in layers. Think first, always, about getting quality protein in sufficient quantity. From there, add in a wide variety of green veggies (frozen or fresh) and/or fruit. Next add in enough starchy carbs to meet your carb requirements. White rice has virtually no fiber and will leave you hungrier faster than just about any other starchy carb I can think of. Finally, make sure you’re getting in your monos/saturated/omgega 3s & 6s in roughly equal amounts before bed and during the night.

In closing you asked if it’s a good plan. As with anything – and as JB specifically recommends – see what kind of results you get for your efforts after following your plan to a “T” for two weeks. If you’re getting the results you want, continue to follow your plan. If you’re not getting the results you want, make minor adjustments and re-evaluate in two weeks.

Does that help? (grin)

The other posts have covered most of the important stuff. I just want to add another suggestion about the timing of your carbs. You eat the lowest amount of wholefood carbs in the meal 1 hr post workout and then eat more carbs in the following meals. Get as many of your carbs as possible as near to your workout as possible e.g. switch the meals 1hr and 2hrs PWO around.

I don’t think that you need that many carbs - I’m not a fan of ratio diets but I think that 20% of calories should come from fats as an absolute minimum.