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PWO Nutrition: Near the End or After?

I always did after workout, but i thought that since the whey must break down into aminos before the body can use them (not instant, not even fast) I decided to use them about 20mins the end of my workout. is this a good idea? i’m starting to think this might not be so good, lol.
2 scoops whey concentrate, 16oz grape juice.

If you’re training hard, your body isn’t going to digest regular whey (WPC) very well until after your workout.

Either switch to WPH (Surge) or wait until after training to have your WPC.

The whey concentrate is better than whole food, but you should probably have some while training and immediately afterwards.

The grapejuice is alright, but preferably a dextrose/maltodextrin blend would be ideal.

wy would it not digest my wpc if i’m training hard during workout? keep in mind this is like the last 10-20 mins of the workout anyways.

i’ll try the malto/dex sometime in the future. but i’m on a budget so i cannot afford Surge so easily.