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PWO Nutrition for Type 2 Diabetics

Just wondering how to maximize my pre + Post workout nutrition without effecting my diabetes in a negative way. If it matters this advice is for my wife’s condition she was just diagnosed.

Hi there, a little late but hopefully I can help. It really depends on a few things as to whether using extra carbs would be suitable.

  1. Is her diabetes well controlled? Do you know her HbA1c? Does she monitor her own BG?
  2. What medication is she taking?
  3. What are her goals? What kind of workouts?
  4. What is her diet like in the hours preceeding and following her workout?

I know there’s a difference, but i’m a type 1 diabetic. I take my full dose of insulin for my preworkout shake, but only take about 3/4 of a dose for postworkout shake which will pretty much cover me for the rest of my postworkout meals. I’ll only have to take a small fraction of i’d usually have to give for the meals.

Do you know her HbA1c?


She is newly diagnosed so i dont think you get what a HbA1c is…

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etc. Hope this helps

[quote]alexchamp wrote:
Do you know her HbA1c?


She is newly diagnosed so i dont think you get what a HbA1c is…[/quote]

You think wrong. I KNOW your post wasn’t in the slightest bit useful.

Whey, water, and a little extra virgin olive oil and/or heavy cream.

It is the ideal pwo shake for the Anabolic Diet. Works pretty good, I dont see carbs as being the key to muscle building but you do need calories and protein…