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PWO Nutrition and Blood Flow

By now everyone should know the importance of post workout nutrition, but there’s one factor I’ve never heard adequately accounted for.

It seems to be pretty well established that with heavy exercise the human body will restrict blood flow to the internal organs and increase blood flow to the skeletal muscles. If this is true, does it make sense to dump a load of protein and simple carbs into the GI tract while the blood flow to the GI tract is still restricted? Can the body actually absorb the nutrients immediately after exercise? Is it better to wait a little while? If so, how long?

There was a study that showed consuming protein and carbs BEFORE working out was more effective than immediately after. In fact, I think Berardi refers to this study when he suggests drinking half your Surge before exercise and sipping the rest during the workout. Could this be because the Surge is digested and gets in the blood stream before the body shifts blood flow to the muscles?

Anybody doing post-doc research who wants to study this?

This may help: http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=659666

I had forgot about that article. It pretty much destroys the concept of the post-workout nutrition window. So my question of whether or not reduced blood flow to the digestive track is responsible for the reduced nutrient absorption is irrelevant.